What is accomplished in a design consultation?

After scheduling a consultation, you will receive an email from me, letting you know what to expect and how to prepare. Our 90-minute design consultation will happen remotely or on-site—depending on what your project calls for.

During the consultation, we will define the scope of the project and gather information. At JLI, our process is 100% about listening and we will come equipped with the right questions to learn you and your style. Your answers will help guide us as we determine the best design to suit your lifestyle!

How will you figure out my aesthetic?

As a designer, I listen to my client’s needs, wants, and wishes, doing my best to clearly understand their vision of how the space will come together.

I take note of likes and dislikes, even asking color preference, etc. I take on the responsibility of listening very carefully, so that I may define and physically create a true representation of my client’s vision.

Do you offer custom options? If so, how does it work and how long does it take?

Indeed! Many custom options are available to cater to the individual needs of each client, as well as the space we are designing. We work with artisans, woodworkers, and workrooms to create custom and semi-custom upholstered furniture, window treatments, pillows, bedding, artwork, rugs, and case goods.

We understand that custom is not for everyone. At JLI, we work with trade vendors and can incorporate ready-made items into your design. No matter the direction you would like to go, we are here to create something that perfectly captures you. The amount of time depends on the specifics of the customization.

What if I change my mind after ordering?

The majority of custom orders placed are non-returnable. Custom pieces are one of a kind and fabricated especially for YOU making these items unique.

Some ready-made stocked items can be canceled, but all return requests need approval by the manufacturer. If approved, a client should expect a restocking fee and an additional freight fee.

I live outside of the Chicagoland area. Can you still work for me?

Absolutely! JLI is currently based in Chicago, but I love working nationally. We can arrange a phone call to discuss in further detail how it all works out.

How long will this take?

Every project is different depending on the scope. I think good things take time and I want the end result to be incredible. On the other hand, if you are in a crunch, we can pull your rooms together in 4 weeks. This would require purchasing floor samples from the showrooms and ordering in-stock and quick-ship products. This does not include construction work.

Typically, you can expect a project to take between 2-6 months. Construction and remodeling add to the timeframe.

What is the Fee Structure?


Service Fees:

A fixed design and project management fee is custom quoted per project based on the scope of work.


Service: Once we source the best items and you are ready to purchase, we will handle all of the ordering.

Billing: A 75% deposit is required on all orders and the remaining balance is billed when the item ships. We require the remaining balance to be paid for in full prior to delivery.



Service: This includes in-bound freight from manufacturer to receiver or workroom, packing or crating by manufacturer, cost of the fabric cutting for approval and insurance on your item while it is in transit.

Billing: There is a 13.5% flat shipping rate for purchases made through Julia Lewis Interiors. In the event that freight for a particular item is drastically more than our standard flat rate, the remaining charges will be billed to the client.


Receiving, Delivery, and Installation

Service: White-glove service ensures that high-value, oversized or fragile items are handled carefully and delivered safely to their destination.

  • Unpacking & inspection by receiver or workroom, including pictures if damage has occurred during transit.
  • Repacking by receiver.
  • Secure and temperature-controlled storage at receiver until client is ready for delivery.
  • In-home delivery and placement of your furnishings. Installation usually includes unpacking and furniture placement according to floor plans, positioning of area rugs, hanging artwork and mirrors, etc.

Billing: For the delivery and installation, we have found that clients prefer knowing the costs upfront. Payment will be required prior to delivery and will be included in the final invoice.

Looking for more detail or the opportunity to chat? Click below to schedule a phone call.

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