Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

All of us are walking around with our own idea of what beautiful means. We all have certain aesthetics, styles, and even colors that brighten our moods and bring our world a feeling of home. The problem is, not all of us know how to make those preferences a reality.

When it is time for you to make a new space your own, or to make improvements to your current home, hiring a professional interior designer makes an enormous difference. 

The main reason for hiring a designer is because they are a professional. Whether people realize it or not, the role demands a combination of natural talent, diverse education, and extensive experience. Color theory, an understanding of the history of style in general, and solid spatial relation skills are just a few of the elements of the job. And it’s not just about their taste, part of their job is to get to know you and create your perfect home decor experience.

Designers have the knowledge and experience to be able to make recommendations on the spot. They will be able to give you a sense of what is a passing trend that will make a room feel tired within a few years. And they will also be able to suggest pieces that have the classic elements needed to be a lasting part of your home.

They will be able to bring samples of anything imaginable. Maybe the curtain print you loved in the store would actually be pretty washed out in your kitchen. Maybe the rug you thought you wanted is way too big. The designer will help you bring your dream together with the reality of your home.

Designers also have carefully forged relationships with wholesalers and other professionals. Imagine the possibilities for a new sofa when your designer can have one created for you and walk you through your color and texture options for the upholstery. Most of us are limited to retail and stuck choosing from a lot of uninspired, factory-made options. Your designer will know how to connect you with an artist whose taste matches and accentuates your own. 

With wholesale connections, a professional will be able to get you the best deals on bulk tiling for that huge bathroom project. If you are working with a budget, they will know how to help you find clearance supplies, which can translate to saving a fortune. 

On a local level, interior designers cultivate relationships with all the best plumbers, contractors, carpenters, cleaners and more. You won’t be left guessing over some internet ratings that could be easily forged. This could help you avoid bad quality work or outright fraud, which is more prevalent than you would want to believe.

Renovating or decorating your space is already a big commitment. Instead of thinking of an interior designer as an added expense, think of them as a resource and compass to help you through your project. Also, check designers’ websites for customized packages. Even if having an entire project planned is beyond your budget, some designers offer tailored advice services that could still be incredibly informative and time-saving.

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