Unique Party Decor

Unique Party Decor

No matter what the occasion, it feels good to get together. And, if you are in the right mood for it, and things line up just right, there are not many occasions that delight more than having been the host of a great party. As we all know there is a lot to consider. On the top of the list are simple things like choosing and seating your guests just right, or balancing out your dream menu with your budget and the allergies of your attendees. Add a wine list for the courses, a playlist for the ambiance and before long you have a good night of entertainment ahead of you.

Besides the food, drink, and diversion, the decor is also something to have a little fun with. Even for a small dinner, setting the table and putting interesting pieces on display is a way to kick off the night, and let everyone know they are in a special group for a good reason. It is fun to showcase your home if you are having first-time guests over, but you can also create a thrill by changing things up a little, and surprising even those who know your home very well.

  • Changing up the Space

Most of us have our homes set up to be comfortable for our families, or whoever we live with. This can include pets, children, and babies; which come with a lot of accessories of their own. For your next adult party, try to separate the spheres of your life, and focus on your fully grown friends, just for an evening.

Use folding screens, floor-length drapes, or elegant tapestries to close off certain areas if necessary. Eating close together on a stately table surrounded by friends and bordered by folding screens can transport the group to an exotic location. Make sure to load up on flowers and candles to encourage the mood.

  • Sharing what makes Home Special

Let’s say you get to see a gorgeous sunset over a river, but only from the living room. This may be reason enough to relocate the dinner. Set up a table by that window and plan it just right so you can share this treat with your guests. The same goes for birdsong for a brunch party or a summer garden event when your flowers are all popping off just right. Bonus if you can serve herbs, veggies, or fruit from your planting efforts that year. 

Another idea is for the family to make some visual art together. If you are not artistically inclined, there are abstract techniques to try out. Anything looks good in a frame. Share some creativity with your guests to get them inspired themselves.

As you can see, any event can be an occasion for a fresh take on your decor. Switching up seating, making use of sunset or other great views, or just supplying a whimsical addition to the tablescape can be enough to brighten the mood of your guests, and let them know they are in for a treat.

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