On Trend or Timeless?

On Trend or Timeless?

The world of style is in constant flux, with new trends popping up all the time. This is why, when it comes to choosing your decor, it pays to work with a seasoned professional. They can help you create a unified style that will bring you joy for years to come. Some design solutions that may appear on trend or fashionable may end up leaving your space feeling dated or cringeworthy within a couple of years.

Here are some ideas to help guide you through the maze of choices out there, so you can find a look that lasts.


Antiques, handmade pieces and designed furniture are all forms of art. Wooden pieces from a hundred years ago are still here now because they were built to last. An interior designer can help you decide where to invest and where it is suitable to find less expensive options. Mixing old and new styles can transform your space in ways you may not have imagined. Wood, leather, marble, stained glass; items made of materials such as these have staying power. You could be investing in pieces that will be in your family for generations.


If robin’s egg blue brings you a feeling of peace and serenity, chances are that is not going to change. There is literally a science behind the relationships between colors and their effect on the human mind. Picking the color of the year and covering your dining room in it may come back to haunt you. Whatever is “hot” right now depends on a whole zeitgeist of factors going on in the current world. But tones that soothe or excite you are the ones that spark something inside you as a person. Your relationship to a certain shade of pink may be something that started in your childhood, and no amount of changing fads will alter that. That being said, there is value in consulting with a professional about paint choices. And, keep in mind, most of the time paint color will be selected after the rest of the furniture has already been finalized.


Artwork and sculptural pieces are not only a timeless way to decorate your space and entertain your mind; they can also constitute actual investments. Once you have that color scheme and that room full of classic, lasting furniture, reflect on what will make you happy. Are you going to want to be greeted by a large abstract painting over your dining room table, or do your tastes lie more in a set of framed family portraits. Think about the pieces you already have and would like to showcase, or imagine what it is you feel you’ve been missing in your space, and bring that to life.


Educate yourself a little on the fluctuations of home trends over the years. Looking at some histories of interior design will help you understand the way some things come back around and how some things never go out of style. You can check out some big, glossy picture and phot books at the library or look for a concise video online.

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