Next Level: A Guide to Staircases

Next Level: A Guide to Staircases

Stairs are a kind of unsung hero of the house. Most people do not think about them very much, unless there is something wrong. The only time we really remark on stairs is if they are broken, if we have small children or elderly relatives to consider or if they are really some showstoppers.

If you are building a new home, gutting an old one or doing a serious remodel; a stunning staircase could be an elegant focal point of your home. Let’s take a look at some staircase styles and let our imaginations go for a climb.

Straight Staircase

This is the easiest staircase to find components for, to build and to install. It is also the most affordable and, understandable enough, the most common kind of staircase used in building. It is a set of risers going up in a straight incline.

The only real drawbacks with these kinds of designs is the fact that they are a bit boring and can take up a lot of space. They can have little flourishes included, such as a central landing or other effect, which can make them more interesting. Also – the materials you use can really set them apart. Imagine something with modern metal handrails and glass sides, now think of a set of stairs made of dark wood with brass finials; the effect would be completely different.

L-Shaped Stairs

This design is similar to the first example, except that they have a turn somewhere along them, thus creating the “L.” This can save you space, as you don’t need to take up an entire wall going up. It also leaves room for storage options underneath.

While these are more interesting, which therefore ups the visual appeal, they are also more expensive. You’ll also need to double check about your structure and make sure you have enough support.

Spiral Stairs

These are a breathtaking addition to any space. And any is the operative word here, because this tightly winding design does not take up a lot of room. The steps go up, all attached to a center pole, with a handrail completing the look.

These are a lot of fun but the drawbacks are obvious as well. For any one who is not sure on their feet, these would really present a challenge. Also, only one person can get down at a time, so ensure this would be sufficient for your home in an emergency situation.

Split Stairs

These are the elegant stairs, with a large central landing, that we see in movie mansions and palaces. After the landing, the stairs split off in either direction going up. This is a great option for a large and classic home, most often featured right at the entrance to make a huge first impression on your visitors.

These are an undertaking with considerable building costs, and you really need a large house to make them worth it.

As you can see, when it comes to stairs, the possibilities are endless. Work with your builders and interior designers to choose a look that will set the tone for the rest of your house. Once you make decisions about the safest options and the best use of space, have fun with it! You can turn the quintessentially overlooked staircase into the center of attention.

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