Interior Design on a Budget

Interior Design on a Budget

If you’ve got other financial priorities, but still want to keep your space feeling like a home, there are always ways to make it happen with what you’ve got around, or with some items that can be acquired even on a small budget. Some elements might not even come together initially because you’ve never thought of certain parts of your home as contributing to interior design. The real magic is, if you can see it, its interior design. Concentrate on what you can see now, versus what you want to be able to see when your design has been completed. Here are a few ways to make your space pop on a budget.

Thrift It

Thrift stores are designed to save you money, so if you’re on a budget, you can often find inspired, vintage pieces at a crazy discount at a vintage store. Especially if it’s not in the best shape, and you’re willing to re-stain or paint it, you can find that perfect focal point for your whole room. Keep an eye on trends to see if the pieces you find fit a new trend you’d like to adopt.

Find Accents

Whether you’re painting an accent wall or rearranging the room to focus on that nice blue couch you love, making one piece stand out can totally change the space for the better.

Be a Master of Disguise

You might just throw a blanket over a couch, or you might just make a new blanket out of old ones. Everything old is new again, especially when you combine a bunch of old stuff to make one new thing. Find a way to express yourself with what you have – after all, these things are already expressions of you anyway.

Cord Wrangling

Regardless of your interior design aesthetic, unless you’re a H.R. Giger, you probably don’t want cords sitting around, so finding a creative way to hide them is always advisable. There are cheap cord-wrangling solutions out there, but a good key is to try and keep your cord-dependent devices on the periphery of the room, where the sockets already are.

Paint It

We’ve already mentioned accent walls, but painting something that’s been sitting around and no longer sings it’s a fun way to bring new life to it. Maybe that old coffee table is boring and needs to shine. Maybe your kitchen set looks better in crayon colors. If you can paint it, you can give it your signature look with minimal effort.


Interior design is all about rediscovering your space. That can mean anything from realizing you need to repaint the space, to realizing that something you had tucked away for the longest time is actually the perfect expression of you. Especially if you’ve been keeping up with interior design styles, there’s a good chance that something you’ve got in storage is new and trending again and, who knows? Maybe the combination you come up on a budget becomes the new “in” look.

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