Four Materials to Use for a Nature-Inspired Interior

Four Materials to Use for a Nature-Inspired Interior

Perhaps you’re moving toward a more natural looking interior, or maybe you’re just trying to mix things up in the decorating and design department. Maybe you want something that will feel timeless, comfortable and sturdy. If so, adding a little nature to your existing design is always a good idea. Sometimes those elements are simple additions here and there, and sometimes you’re bringing some typically exterior elements inside. Here are some options to try out to put a little nature indoors.

Use Cork for More than Just a Corkboard

Cork can be structurally strong, and impressive-looking, if used the right way. You wouldn’t want it acting as anything load-bearing, but it will last quite a long time and adds a warmness and softness to a room, whether simply through coasters, or wall panels, or even a traditional corkboard. Cork is multi-use, as well, so it works well on a wall and works great for tabletops.

Jute Is Strong and Natural

If you can get over the initial shock from the typical strong, herbaceous scent of jute, you’ll find yourself with a very strong, neutral-colored option for twine or even rugs. They are strong and sturdy, and look like they’ve just been picked up off the forest floor – in a good way. Jute fibers can be woven into curtains and chair coverings, and used for hanging potted plants, as well.

Stone Can be More than a Walkway

Using stone indoors has to be done judiciously, especially as it isn’t a recommended, say, walking surface indoors. You can, however, make some wonderful accent walls or areas, or even simply decorate with stones in spots that seem a little bare. There’s also nothing like a stone fireplace – are there other spots in your house that you could face with stone to make it look more natural?

Bamboo Might Surprise You

Strong and beautiful, bamboo will last a long time, and can be used for all manner of interior decorating purposes. Growing bamboo in a pot can look beautiful, and so can making a partially-open room divider, that allows you to separate space without entirely blocking one area off from another. Bamboo can make the centerpiece of a great light fixture, or be used to build a desk or a bar. Bamboo is also versatile enough that it can be used for dinnerware, making a great natural cup without much need for changing bamboo’s natural cylindrical look.


As with any element of design, adding natural touches has to be done just so. You can’t just throw a plant in a room and hope it works. You need some intent behind your design, to keep the room’s focus in check and direct the eye where you want it to go. Usually, anything that helps make your space look bigger is going to help you in the long run, unless you’ve got a cozy nook or two that you want to make feel secure, small and homey.

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